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Our services and areas of expertise extend throughout the supply chain.

From concept to consumer and beyond we are commited to customer satisfaction and the on-time delivery of cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

Quality Assurance
HQ2 complies with the SQF Code, 7th Edition Level 3 - Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality System. - Quality Assurance.

Raw Material Sourcing
A key to our proficiency in this area is the long term relationships we have developed with strategic suppliers throughout the world.

These relationships, built on trust and performance, enable us to access quality material from companies who share our common goals for supply solutions that are cost effective, quality assured, consistent, timely and sustainable.

Research & Development
Driven by experienced, qualified staff with high levels of expertise and a proven track record in areas of new product development, product refinement and process improvement.
We can provide assistance from concept to consumer with a number of market leaders within the food and beverages industries already utilising these services to advantage.

Whether it be the blending of fruit and vegetable concentrates or the addition of other ingredients such as preservatives, flavour or colour, we have the expertise to integrate both wet and dry ingredients into your products ensuring suitability for use as intended.

Our dedicated filling systems enable us to contract pack and re-pack goods specific to individual needs. This may include variation of both packaging type and fill size to suit handling and batching requirements.

HQ2's onsite facilities include:

  • Freezer storage for up to 3,000 pallet spaces at minus 18oC
  • Cold storage for up to 500 pallet spaces at 2oC
  • Dry goods storage in dust and pest free environment
Servicing both domestic and international markets we are conveniently located to excellent road, rail, air and sea freight options which enables us to provide prompt and reliable delivery of your goods.

We pride ourselves on rapid turn-around times with onsite holding of both raw materials and finished ingredients aiding inventory management.

We provide onsite container loading and documentation services.