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whole, sliced and diced pieces (IQF)

HQ2 offers a range of individually quick-frozen (IQF) fruits and vegetables.

The IQF process involves whole, sliced or diced pieces of fresh fruit or vegetable passing along a conveyor belt into a blast freezer where the pieces are frozen instantly.

This quick-freezing process locks in the flavour, colour, moisture and nutrients. 

Importantly, using this method rather than forming a solid block, the pieces remain individual inside the packaging.

One advantage of quick frozen fruits or vegetables is that they can be harvested at optimal maturity with their desirable attributes maintained and are often less variable in quality than fresh alternatives.

Applications include:
  • Smoothies and frozen desserts as frozen fruits blend well with yogurt or ice creams.
  • Pies and tarts as fruit will soften completely through baking.
  • Individual serves - hot and cold.